If you are looking for a cost effective option of signage to suit your budget you can choose flat cut letters or signs or fret cut / milled signs.


2D letters (flat) can be made of different materials and can be glued directly on a backing board or any surface or be used as a face for channel letters (3D).


Flat cut / fret cut signs  can be a perfect alternative to the 3D signs and equally effective.


2D letters and signs can also be illuminated and their price will depend on the height, width, font type and colour. Depending on the material we can achieve desired effect of modern, traditional, minimalist or exclusive look. 


Despite the flat form we can get the impression of 3D by mounting the letters using stand-offs.

Bigger flexibility in cutting complex fonts and complicated shapes is a main advantage of flat cuts. There are also many other advantages such as good visibility, decoration, weather resistance, indoor and outdoor usage, flexibility in making complicated logos and they can be placed where there is no power supply.

Flat cut letters and signs can be made of cheaper materials such as PVC and more expensive colour plexi, dibond or brushed steel for exclusive look.


Our CNC with the working surface of 3000mm x 2000mm allows us to cut out or mill any shape in MDF, plywood, chipboard, plastic, aluminium and many more. This service can be based on our design or on the template provided by the customer.

Milling is an effective way of creating precise advertising. This method can also be used indoor to create informational plates or directional signs, providing an eye catching element of decoration. They can also be used outdoor as a large format advertising boards usually made of plexi or dibond. Plexi boards with fret cut letters or signs can be lit up with the separate lighting, while fret cut dibond can be used as a front of light box with highlighted plexi of your chosen colour on the back.

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