1. General Terms and Conditions

  • Buyer/Customer is any individual / company / organization who has places and order or enquires about our services.
  • Buyers are obliged to read terms & conditions before placing an order.
  • Placing an order confirms that buyer becomes familiar with all terms & conditions.
  • Customers are fully responsible for any legal defects arising from the content and form of delivered / downloaded artwork, including copyright infringement and other rights of third parties.
  • MartSigns will not share any client details to third parties. These data are used only for the proper settlement of orders, delivery, contact if necessary and marketing purposes.
  • MartSigns is not responsible for the consequences of a false or mistaken data provided by customer.
  • MartSigns reserves the right to refuse from the contract, in the event that the data given by Customer is inaccurate of falsified.
  • MartSigns only accepts payment via cash or bank transfer.

2. Prices

  • All prices on website and quotations are net prices - which will incur VAT at 20%.
  • All prices exclude fitting and delivery unless stated by MartSigns.
  • MartSigns reserves the right to change prices and the introduction of special offers and discounts.
  • Offers are not valid once they have been taken off from our website.
  • Offers can not be redeemed if a customer gets any discount.
  • Only one promotion is valid per customer.


3. Orders

  • Computer files necessary for the execution of the order must be prepared in accordance with the technical specifications given in the offer and the recommendations by design staff.
  • If designs are required by client they are shareable at our standard rate of £45 p/h
  • Orders that contain corrupted files or not opening, which can not be imported, stored in an unsupported format, or contain viruses are removed and MartSigns inform the Client of that fact in the form of an e-mail or telephone immediately after discovery.


4. Delivery dates and conditions for supply contracts

  • Turnaround for all orders is from 3 working days to 2 weeks based on complexity of the job.  Business Day means any day except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and other days off from work. This condition applies to orders placed with a deposit or full payment.
  • For orders of more than one job, the term of the contract is determined by MartSigns and the customer and this will be written.
  • Terms of orders or one of the orders found in breach of contract may be by MartSigns in case of a fault. In this case customer is informed of this fact no later than the maximum period for implementation.
  • MartSigns is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order resulting from the defective message by the client files, or the need for the customer's request for amendments to the projects, causing delay in the start date of the order.
  • In the case of realization of two or more orders in the same period (from the same client, with the same shipping address) MartSigns may decide to packaging them into one shipment to reduce delivery costs.


5. Responsibility for quality

  • Work in an electronic file are printed in the form in which they were supplied by the customer. MartSigns does not make corrections and modifications to the supplied files.
  • MartSigns is not responsible for any discrepancy between customer expectations and actual output. Proofs as well as possible will be sent to the customer for acceptation via e-mail.


6. Complaints

  • Claims for damage in transport shipments must be reported at the time of receipt of goods. The recipient is obliged to make a record of complaint with the shipping company and shall immediately notify in writing MartSigns. Complaints that do not meet the specified procedure can not be considered.
  • If the reason for complaint are the differences in color relative to expectations - the condition of a complaint investigation is to provide a test print before printing (certified digital proof or Matchprint).
  • Complaints about the quality of printing in the case if it is not transmitted 100% of advertised effort will be considered negative.
  • Within 7 working days of receipt by MartSigns advertised effort, the complaint will be dealt with, and Client will be informed on how to resolve it.
  • In the case of a customer complaint, the customer shall bear the costs of delivery and re-send the advertised goods.


7. Liability for damages 

  • MartSigns excludes its liability for damages for failure to perform or improper performance of orders.
  • MartSigns is not liable for damages resulting from incorrect use of the products offered.


8. Termination

  • Any dispute concerning the implementation of this Agreement shall be settled by the Court of locally appropriate for MartSigns.
  • In cases not covered by these rules shall be governed by the Civil Code.